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Man's First Step on the Moon

MOM lg

This has got to be the most spectacular painting on a space theme ever.

And it's a Rockwell!

Do you see the command module orbiting overhead as Armstrong descends the ladder? Look at the Eagle lander. See the control panel, bathed in a pale blue light?  Look above it.  Almost unseen, Buzz Aldrin takes care of adjusting an antennae dish, monitoring transmmisions, and awaiting the fateful first few words from his Mission Commander, Neil Armstrong, which Buzz, along with a billion watching and listening people on Earth, knows will be remembered in the same way as "Four score and twenty years ago...."

But the most amazing thing about this painting is that Rockwell painted it two years before the actual event! So he didnīt really know who the first lunar explorers would be. What a mystical coincidence that his “first stepper” does, indeed, look very much like Neil Armstrong!


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