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Thursday, March 22, 2018 


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 Norman Rockwell’s Man’s First Step on the Moon Fine Art Print.


Or Buy One Now...While they last!

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of Mankind´s Greatest Adventure: Man´s First Step on the Moon, July 20, 2005, with Norman Rockwell´s limited edition print. Publisher´s Closeout! While they last. Only $75? Click for Details!

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Publisher’s Closeout! This fabulous collector edition print is available now for a limited time at the special online price of ONLY $50.00 Plus $14.95 shipping (flat) & insur. ($64.95 total Order.

Some Flight Planning Resources for Pilots

Just click DUAT (DTC service) to get this marvelous free service on the Web. You must have a password and access code, but if you don´t have one yet, just creat one now. Click here to go directly to signup. If you forgot your username and password, this is also the place to find it!

If you prefer GTE DUAT, you can reach their Web site by Clicking here

AOPA’s Real-Time Flight Planning tool is a great resource for pilots. It provides graphical representations of TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) so necessary for those wanting to stay out of trouble in today’s overheated security environment. Comments: You must be an AOPA member.

Fuel Stop Planner. A great planning tool. Lists all the good stuff you´d get in the A/FD.

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