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UFO Updates

Whether a skeptic or a true believer, you´ll enjoy our articles on the possible extraterrestrial angle to UFO reports.

We´d love to hear your story. Write us! ufo@aerosphere.com

Martian_AnkhV_VerySMThe X-Files had it all wrong. Find out why.

UFO Mania

UFO--Unidentified Flying Object. It´s an acronym that evokes fear, awe or conspiracy theories, depending on your orientation to the subject matter.

Unidentified Flying Object! Oooooo....

True, the words can--and more often than not do--mean just what they say: that there was something in the sky someone observed but could not identify. That certainly doesn’t necessarily imply something sinister, or even interesting from a scientific standpoint.

The Place for UFO Buffs to Meet

But you do not have to be a kook to have an active interest in the subject of UFOs. The U. S. Air force spent decades and many millions of dollars on Project Blue Book and other less well-known research endeavors into the origins and possible meaning of what has been, especially since 1947, a steady stream of UFO reports from competent and qualified observers--observers who come from an array of disciplines, from airline pilots to paleontologists.

So check out the latest articles about UFOs in Aerosphere Air & Space Magazine. Note : Because of great reader interest, this section of the magazine will be greatly enhanced in the near future. So stay tuned!


From Second Eden: “National security.”  Snow chuckled. “I know, it’s such a cliché, but it started that way. Look, the Cold War was just getting under way. We knew the Russians would have the bomb before long. And just two years later in forty-nine, they did. Soon after, they had the H-bomb, too.

“They were behind us only in delivery capability. We knew that wouldn’t last long, either. The Roswell craft represented a phenomenal leap in technology. If anyone owned it, it had to be us. And no one wanted to panic the public. Oh, I know, I know, that sounds corny today, but remember what Orson Welles started on the radio back in thirty-eight?”

“But why keep it secret? Why now? That wouldn’t happen today.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Even after the ‘X-files’ as you said, and all the movies like ‘Independence Day’ and the others, people would still panic if they truly thought... Well, if they knew the truth.”

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What really happened at Roswell, NM, in 1947?  Read the actual newspaper accounts!



Reader Shari Janes, Wisconsin wife, mother and and skywatcher just may have snapped the shot of the century...



UFO stories

It’s true...

 The Universe started with the Big Bang.


And the Big Bang came from a singularity.

But just what, exactly, is a singularity?

The surprising answer is mind-blowingly simple.

And enormously transformative.

It could be the ultimate proof of a Divine Creator.


The Bigger Bang


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