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Thursday, March 22, 2018 



Martian_AnkhV_VerySMWhere will you go when you die? Not a trivial question, and the answer may surprise you. Read SECOND EDEN to find out.




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From Second Eden: “National security.”  Snow chuckled. “I know, it’s such a cliché, but it started that way. Look, the Cold War was just getting under way. We knew the Russians would have the bomb before long. And just two years later in forty-nine, they did. Soon after, they had the H-bomb, too.

“They were behind us only in delivery capability. We knew that wouldn’t last long, either. The Roswell craft represented a phenomenal leap in technology. If anyone owned it, it had to be us. And no one wanted to panic the public. Oh, I know, I know, that sounds corny today, but remember what Orson Welles started on the radio back in thirty-eight?”

“But why keep it secret? Why now? That wouldn’t happen today.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Even after the ‘X-files’ as you said, and all the movies like ‘Independence Day’ and the others, people would still panic if they truly thought... Well, if they knew the truth.”

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Reader Shari Janes reported the following story to Aerosphere. We think this is one of the most startling UFO pictures we´ve seen for some time. Of course, we can´t determine the validity of the picture, but Shari Janes sure sounds believable.. Tell us what you think: editor@aerosphere.com

sarajanesUFOSM“First off, let me introduce myself...My name is Shari Janes.  I am a 27-year-old female with 3 beautiful children and a pretty decent home in Wisconsin. 

“Anyhow, my husband and myself were looking outside at the funny weather that was occurring further down the field in my backyard.  Well, we decided that since the cloud formations looked so cool, we'd take pictures. I proceeded to grab the digital camera, and out I went.  (Now, let me just tell you that I am NOT a huge paranormal believer.  I think it is interesting, but other than that, if there are aliens, they stay in their universe, I live in mine.  My husband is a TOTAL NONBELIEVER, and even after I showed him the picture I took, he thought I was nuttier than a fruitcake!)

“Anyhow, let me also mention that when taking the pictures, I was just looking at the cloud formations, so I saw nothing!  It wasn’t until I loaded the disk into my computer that I saw what I saw. 

I only have one picture of this, but I do have it, and where I wasn’t a believer, I now wonder...”

Shari Janes

If you´d like to respond to Shari Janes´ story, write to ufo@aerosphere.com and we´ll pass it along.


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