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Alfa Omega Suspension System

A truly new solution to the ever-present annoyance--and sometimes hazard--of the bounced landing...

Chugiak, Alaska – September 2004:

Seven years after the idea was born, and after three and half years of testing, modifying, re-testing, re-modifying, and more testing, OSS, LLC, has announced that its general-aviation targeted Alfa Omega Suspension System (AOSS) completed the final drop-test under FAA ACO Engineering supervision and is finally available for sale.

aoss_suspensionSMThe AOSS uses a solid, deformable polymer as a suspension and shock-absorbing medium.  Under normal operating conditions, you won’t notice much difference; however, this new design shock absorber and suspension system is one that puts an end to the “slingshot” effect in the rebound from hard landings caused by the old design rubber shock rings /bungee cords.  AOSS’s heavy-duty design adds strength in all aspects of installation, operation, and adverse loading conditions.

Among the many exciting new features of the AOSS design is the ability of the shock strut to be ground adjustable by the pilot in situations where the aircraft must be heavily loaded.  This adjustability also allows for compensation for landing gear fittings that may not be installed as accurately as one would desire.

The AOSS currently approved is designed and engineered to be installed on the Piper PA-18 S/N 18-2187 through 18-3013 (restricted category), S/N 18-3014 and subsequent (normal or standard category), and Piper PA-12 and PA-14 (when modified to PA-18 landing gear in accordance with FAA approved data).  More models of aircraft will be added at a later date.  The system is approved for installation on aircraft that incorporate the new 2,000 pound gross weight increase STC with standard length and 3” extended landing gear.  Approval on the 6” extended landing gear is not planned.  It also bears mentioning that the AOSS design can be scaled up or down to fit aircraft with much heavier or lighter gross weight.

Extensive testing of the AOSS has yielded a product that exceeds our initial expectations.  Dampening and suspension characteristics are excellent.  The cold-drop testing (-20 degree Fahrenheit) yielded a final product that has virtually no rebound, all without sacrificing the suspension’s active and reactive function.

The final test was the “reserve energy” test.  This test requires the drop height to be up to 1 times the “limit load” dropping height.  In this case, the height was just short of 18”.  The drop-test weight was calculated for a gross weight of 2,070 lbs (1954 PA-18A, AG Sprayer).

The results were nothing short of stunning.  Even though g-force accelerations are not required to be taken into account during the “reserve energy” drop, the AOSS recorded a maximum acceleration of only 4.7-g.  This is an incredibly low number for this type of drop, where forces of up to 5.2-g to 5.4-g are to be expected.

The first production run is expected to be available by mid to late August and is limited to 150 pair.  If you are interested, place your order immediately.  A 25% deposit is required at the time of your order.

At $2,200.00 per pair, the AOSS is no doubt a serious investment in your aircraft, but keep in mind there is no annual or biennial expense for changing of bungee cords/shock rings.  You buy AOSS only once.  Maintenance is reduced to a periodic change of an $8.00 seal.

The AOSS is designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. Patent issued August 26, 2003.  STC issued May 25, 2004.

For Further Information Contact:


PO Box 671487

Chugiak, Alaska  99567-1487

PHONE:  1 (907) 688-3715

FAX:        1 (907) 688-5031

For Orders Only – Toll Free (U.S. ONLY):  1-877-688-3715

On the Web at www.aoss.net

E-mail:  burl@alaska.com


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