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“You are … host to a billion or so atoms that once belonged to Jesus Christ, or Julius Caesar, or the Buddha, or the tree that the Buddha once sat beneath”.-- British Astrophysicist and Cosmologist Paul Davies





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A funny example of why too much information is often worse than no information at all


Supremely first-class flight on an Emirates Airline A380

Space Shuttle Launch in 3 minutes

Mars Curiosity’s first year in two minutes

What Does 11.2 Gs look like?

Fly an F-18 Hornet

Batman lives!

F-35 on USS Wasp

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April Highlights...

* A new Quote of Distinction. Look left.

*New Hot Links.:

Turns out the plane colliding with a skydiver not as serious as it was originally portrayed...


 A truly rare must read. In what is the most interesting interview we’ve experienced for… well, possibly ever... Spencer Hall interviews former SR-71 Blackbird pilot Rick McCrary (RM) about what it's like to fly the world's fastest plane.

“RM: ‘That's right…. [T]he faster you went, the more ram thrust you got, which burns less fuel. So you did have to go faster to burn less fuel. Like I said, you had to unlearn everything you knew about other aircraft.’”

 On an emergency landing in Norway… “RM: ‘Well, they said that base was closed for weather. Now we had to scramble for another base. We found one that was close that turned out to be a snow-packed runway at night. We had a bit of anxiety going in there, as you could imagine. The airplane had never been landed under those conditions, but that was the case with a lot of things that happened to that airplane. We got it down and landed on the snow, and I had no idea how it would respond, but the chute slowed it down just fine and we pulled into the hangar. These Norwegian Air Force guys had basically seen a spaceship land in their field.’”


Fundamentally, flying is nothing more nor less than defying gravity.  Well, there is a lot of “defying” going on here, but it doesn’t involve aircraft. You’ll have trouble catching your breath in this adventurous collection in “People are Awesome 2013.” Surely one of the most exciting short (3:42 min.) videos we’ve ever seen.


Check out the latest in space exploration in the magazine’s Space and Astronautics section:

Did NASA’s Opportunity rover discover wild blueberries on Mars in 2004? Check out this surprising story update with a shockingly clear photo...


*A New  Mile-High Maiden for March



*A  New Blonde Joke

Wait! Don’t go away...because it’s

Worth a Second Look

Ever heard of the movie The Hunters?

“... [I]t's the greatest movie of jet fighter pilots at war ever made. And, with the possible exception of Top Gun, it has the best aerial sequences this side of Oshkosh. Directed by Dick Powell, who also did the great submarine movie The Enemy Below, also starring Robert Mitchum (and Curt Jergens, 1956), the movie uses tons of fantastic real-life footage of North American F-86s dueling with slightly older F-84s dressed up to look like MiG-15s. Best of all, screenwriter Wendell Mayes supplied the necessary condiments to the otherwise bland plot of the original...”

____  .  ____


“Where will you go when you die?”
Get the surprising answer. Read Second Eden.




Now available from Amazon in KINDLE version

ONLY $ 3.49

More Praise for SECOND EDEN:

New Review:Second Eden brilliantly ties together the philosophies of the world's major religions into a harmonious  and satisfying conclusion. In fact, the jaw-dropping realizations that begin to unfold later in the book are described in such great detail and fit together so seamlessly that I was left wondering if Mr. Austin knows something the rest of us do not.”--Reader D. Silver


“Second Eden is an extremely engrossing and satisfying read. I had just read The DaVinci Code last year and I wouldn't hesitate to match the two. His take on the Apocalypse and his creation of the Reconciliation Project are plausible and cause for consideration.”--C. Emerson

“I have read a lot of the classic SF writers and Second Eden ranks right up there with the best. Very well done.”
--Reader J. Duncan

...This [Second Eden] is actually a superior entry into the genre. There is a sense of depth to the characters which elevates it above the ordinary....” --Professor John Walsh, Shinawatra International University, Thailand

"Austin has written a polished story...that successfully combines the action and adventure elements of Clive Cussler with the mystery and suspense of Dan Brown."—By J. G. Trott


Hot Links: SILVER PARACHUTE Sales & Service: Official Rigger for the USA Unlimited Aerobatic Team


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Selected Past Issue Highlights

From the March 2014 Issue...

*New Hot Links.:

It has been compared to R2D2 of Star Wars fame. It has six cameras, 24-million lines of computer code and a $500,000 helmet that creates a 360-degree panoramic surveillance experience. Yet it is also looked at as a possible HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey, the renegade computer that decided it didn’t need to be bossed around by mere humans. So, could this fantastically capable—and complicated—flying beauty be compromised by a cyber-attack? If the answer is yes, our future national security might be at risk.

(Full 60 Minutes segment on the F-35)


 Not just for pilots, astronauts or flight instructors. Not just for men. Not just for women. If you are human and hope to remain healthy, here’s the most effective and efficient way. Check out this excellent 4-minute video:   

23 ˝ hours


NASA Honors Astronaut and First Moon Walker Neil Armstrong. As of March 1, 2014, NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center along the northwest edge of Rogers Dry Lake at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. is renamed in honor of former research test pilot and NASA astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, the first man to step onto the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. --NASA


Check out the latest in space exploration:

NASA's Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds.  Findings include 100 Earth-sized and 259 super-Earth-sized planets. Read the full details in the SPACE section of the magazine.


*A New  Mile-High Maiden for March



*A  New Blonde Joke

Wait! Don’t go away...because it’s

Worth a Second Look

Not familiar with one of the world’s best aviation cartoonists? See what you’ve been missing:


WingNuts was created out of Darrin Silver’s combined passion for art, aviation and humor. Follow the antics of Billion Air’s zany flight crew, led by Captain Otto Pylott and First Officer Roger Overnout, as they discover life’s inherent humor.

____  .  ____

From the January 2014 Issue...

*New Hot Links.:

As an exciting prelude to our own tribute to the unbridled freedom that is seaplane flying, we offer this thrilling introduction:


Featuring great air show clips from this nearly century-old homage to great seaplanes. It’s also another delicious peek into the stylish and interesting life of today's celebrities.

From the Web site for the White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang:

“Airchallenge: vintage and classic seaplanes are maneuvered between the mountains and the lake by skilled pilots showing off their best techniques during this high profile summer event at Lake Wolfgang and all that for a good cause of course.

During July, Lake Wolfgang is host to a rather exclusive event: the Scalaria Airchallenge flight show. What started in 1924, when the Austrian Air Traffic AG, the parent of today’s “Austrian Airlines” started flying Vienna to Lake Wolfgang with a Junker F13 W, one of the oldest seaplanes. It is nowadays an exclusive flight show staged with the wonderful backdrop of Lake Wolfgang and the surrounding mountains ...in the Salzkammergut region.”



*A  New Blonde Joke


Worth a Second Look

From Sea to Shining Sea

Seaplane pilots do it on water: feet-wet flying in the Mid-Atlantic.

When Mel Gibson, as the hero of the movie Braveheart, rode before his assembled troops and shouted “Freedom!” he wasn’t talking about flying seaplanes—but he could have been. Because that’s what seaplane flying is all about: Freedom.


From the December 2013 Issue...

*New Hot Links.:

So, what’s it really like to be among the pampered rich? Watch this eye-popping video and experience a supremely first-class flight on an Emirates Airline A380 as it ambles along on its merry way from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Enjoy the ride!


NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft launches aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V from Cape Canaveral.

“NASA's next Mars explorer ... will leave Earth on a mission to answer one of the Red Planet's greatest conundrums: If our arid celestial neighbor once had a thicker atmosphere and a surface flowing with water, as evidence suggests, how did the climate change so dramatically?”

(Of course, all they had to do was read SECOND EDEN to find out what happened to the Mars atmosphere and save $671 million in the process. Heck, if they’d just solve the Areopagus Riddle, it wouldn’t have cost a single dime!)


*Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War II effort. New:

Ninth in a Series of World War II Bond Posters.

*A New  Mile-High Maiden  for December


*A  New Blonde Joke


Worth a Second Look

Hymn to a Hummingbird

Or What It's Like To Fly A Helicopter

by Jeff Pardo

I can still remember some of those crazy dreams:  I'd be skimming treetops, passing songbirds and swallows; or sailing high over watery vistas, flying formation with sea gulls. But sometimes, my favorite times, I'd be just hovering, still as the proverbial hummingbird, arms fully extended, looking down at the amazed upturned faces, before furiously flapping my arms and flying away. What freedom! What joy! What a feeling of being alive! But only for one sweet moment.  Because, with magical swiftness and a feeling of crushing disappointment, I'd wake up.... 

From the November 2013 Issue...

* A new Quote of Distinction. Look left.

*New Hot Links.: Aeromobil Roadable Aircraft 2.5

Also...Are you an avid Star Wars fan? If so, you’ll love this “Blooper” montage....

And new European Space Agency video: Mars Express Flyover of the Red Planet

*Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War II effort. New: Eighth in a Series of World War II Bond Posters.

*A New  Mile-High Maiden  for November:

She is the biggest and best MHM ever!


*A  New Blonde Joke


Worth a Second Look

* Mr. Austin’s Wild Ride

What it’s like to experience a situation “...where nothing stood between you and disaster but your own skill, tenacity and determination....” We’re talking about that first solo flight. And here’s the story of mine.... 

From the October 2013 Issue...

*New Hot Link.: Space Shuttle Launch in 3 minutes

*Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War II effort. New: Seventh in a Series of World War II Bond Posters.

*A New  Mile-High Maiden for October


*A  New Blonde Joke


Worth a Second Look

* MiG-29 Adventure

She’s shiny, speaks with an accent and moves blindingly fast. And if you know how to ask, she’ll do your every bidding.  Come along as artist, writer and pilot Darrin Silver tells how talent, hard work and just a pinch of luck led to a dream encounter with this Russian beauty …

“I can’t believe GNC’s Turbo ATP is legal!  During workouts my strength and endurance increased phenomenally, producing explosive power for bench presses and the added energy to crank up the treadmill speed a few more levels…all this without the risk of illegal performance-enhancing substances.  Working out is more effective, efficient, and energized with Turbo ATP.  Combine that with an affordable price and GNC gives you more bang for your buck than with any other supplement.”MiGADV1

Those words would lead me on one of the most exciting adventures of my life.  Upon first reading of an essay contest where the grand prize was a ride in a MiG-29 jet fighter, I knew, absolutely knew, that I had it won.  I was certain my writing abilities were competitive, and I knew without a doubt that no other contestant had the same burning desire to fly one of those jets that I had....

From the September 2013 Issue...

*Did a UFO Down EgyptAir Flight 990? 

Worth a Second Look. With the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attack approaching, reminding us of the perils of radical Islam, it is worth looking with fresh eyes at the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990. On October 31, 1999, the Boeing 767-366-ER traced its path through the smooth, cold night sky over the North Atlantic, near the area of the ultimate traveling tragedy--the RMS Titanic.  Suddenly, events occurred that left all 217 dead and many unanswered questions. Though in the wake of the 9/11 calamity many have assumed that the cause was just the actions of another self-martyred Islamic radical, the evidence seems to support a more supernatural cause: the possibility of a deadly UFO encounter....

“As EgyptAir Captain Ahmed Habashy made his way back to the cockpit, listening to the idle banter of passengers against the low-pitched whine of the Pratt & Whitney 4000 turbofan engines, he probably thought more about what he'd be doing at home the next day than anything pressing about the flight. … Until he felt his feet begin to levitate from the floor, and his head hit the cabin ceiling of the huge passenger jet. Until he heard the sounds of serving trays, books, laptops and utensils crashing into overhead bins, and the startled eruptions from frightened passengers, including, perhaps, a few prescient screams....”

*A New  Mile-High Maiden  for September

From the August 2013 Issue...

*New Hot Link.: What does 11.2 Gs look like? Watch this Red Bull competitor demonstrate some bullish maneuvering. A most amazing 1-minute-38-second video.

* Great Historical  Perspective on the Beginnings of Modern Spying Techniques:

3D Spies of WWII

*Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War II effort. New: Fifth in a Series of World War II Bond Posters.

*A New  Mile-High Maiden  for August


*A Fabulous New Blonde Joke


* New: A Drunk Scenic-Tour  Helicopter Pilot?

From the July 2013 Issue...

*New Hot Link. Would you like to fly an F-18 Hornet?

* The crystal ball did not lie. Worth a Second Look:

It's Finally 1984

Well, yes... but it’s probably not what you think:  IRS scandal?  NSA’s  meta-data phone and Internet fishing scheme? No, but it is a reprise of a prescient commentary from nearly fourteen years ago. Worthy of a re-visit with the perspective of hindsight...

“Well, it may be late, but 1984 has finally arrived. If he's not turning over in his grave, at the very least George Orwell must be enjoying an I-told-you-so smile.

You see, on Friday, September 24,1999, Space Imaging, Inc., a Colorado consortium led by Lockheed Martin, launched a new spy satellite. One with a difference. Whereas the products of Uncle Sam's current spies-in-the-sky are for use by defense and intelligence units of America and our allies--for, we suppose, our mutual defense--, images from this bird will be for sale to you and me and to anyone who can afford the nominal fees, which range from $20 to $300. (Current minimum order $1,000.)...”

*Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War II effort. New: Fourth in a series of World War II Bond Posters.

More Humor:

*A New  Mile-High Maiden  for July

*A New Blonde Joke

From the June 2013 Issue...

Super Hotlink: Is there really a Batman? You bet there is! And if you haven’t seen him fly yet, you’ve got to see this.

More Humor:

Is a “Mayday” call the same as an S.O.S?

Will we have to change the definition of a good landing?

Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War II effort. New: Third in a series of World War II Bond Posters.

One aviator's view on Why Gay Marriage Is Not A Right

From the May 2013 Issue...

“Top Gun Gone Wild”... or… What happens when you cross a Pitts Special with a helicopter? A look at the ultimate VSTOL aircraft in Tom Cruise’s great new sci-fi film OBLIVION

A New Blonde Joke

More Humor Air Show Disaster

A new Quote of Distinction. Look left.

Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War effort. New in a series of World War II Bond Posters.

From the April 2013 Issue...

A New Blonde Joke

A new Quote of Distinction. Look left.

Tribute to the Greatest Generation’s contributions to the War effort. First in a series of World War II Bond Posters.

Great video of the F-35 sea trial on the USS WASP

From the March 2013 Issue...

Earth From Space: a NOVA Science special presentation

Mile-High Maiden(s)? Check it out

A new Quote of Distinction. Look left.

A new Flying Off The Handle commentary:

One aviator's view on Why Gay Marriage Is Not A Right

From the February 2013 Issue...

Rise of the Drones: a NOVA Science special presentation

New Mile High Maiden

New Quotes of Distinction...

New A little humor...


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As thick as fleas
And mostly red,
They stick together
Until they’re dead

P.S  If you can solve this, you’re really quite astute!

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It speaks but has no voice

Listens but has no ears

Some have roots, some not

Their numbers grow year by year

A rainbow of colors, of myriad shape

They touch us but have no fear

For a spider they’re not, yet connected they are

By a web running far and near

*     *     *

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What is the Areopagus?


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